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Summit Reading

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I began to volunteer at the first public school to reopen in New Orleans. It was there I was initially trained in an Orton-Gillingham based special reading program, Project Read. The OG approach is designed to help the reader learn through a tactile-kinesthetic, sequential, approach.  I practiced this approach and was able to demonstrate its validity. Immediately, I witnessed a successful approach and became  devoted to teaching struggling readers to become more accomplished. Since then, over 100 hours of extensive training in other reading intervention programs including: Lindamood Bell LiPs and Seeing Stars programs; Wilson Reading System, Really Great Reading, and Orton-Gillingham have been taken. It is my goal to equip every student with concrete strategies to become a  better, more confident  reader, writer, and speller. I have had the privilege of tutoring online through Skype for nearly nine years. My first Skype student was our grandson who was eight years old at the time. It has been rewarding to teach students in remote locations who might not otherwise have the ability to work with a professional.

The mission of Summit Reading, LLC, is:
 to value each learner as a special and unique individual.
 to meet the needs of those students requiring extra support in written and
oral language accuracy, fluency and/or comprehension.
 to help those with language difficulties become fluent and independent
 to work with students to help them appreciate their strengths and to
acknowledge the necessity of advocating for themselves.
 to connect with parents, teachers and other professionals to help insure
the success of the student.


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