What people are saying...




"Charles had been placed in a special education class when Karen began to work with him.  She was quick to inform me that his placement could be changed and he could indeed become a stronger reader.  I remember the first day I heard him sound out a two-syllable word.  It brought tears to my eyes."


"Karen has been trained in numerous Orton-Gillingham based reading programs. She masterfully uses her understanding of the child with whom she works and the materials she uses to increase reading skills to the utmost."


"I highly recommend Karen Kistler as a reading interventionist.  She has worked with my son Tommy, a struggling reader, several times a week, for the greater portion of four years. "


"Her disposition is always positive, and she has a wonderful rapport with my son.  She has a special knack for presenting material in an interesting and thorough manner.  Karen is well organized, prompt, flexible, a superior example of a fine teacher."


"Words cannot express how Ms. Karen has empowered my daughter and given back her self-confidence. My daughter had just been diagnosed with severe dyslexia when we met Ms. Karen four years ago. Before we found Ms. Karen, my daughter hated school because she could not read at all.  After only a very short time working with Ms. Karen, my daughter was eager to go to school every day.  Not only did she help my daughter, she helped me be a more effective advocate for her. Before, we met Ms. Karen, we spent thousands of dollars on other programs like Sylvan Learning Centers, only to find out that their programs will not help with dyslexia. This year my daughter is reading so well, that her new teacher did not believe she has dyslexia. I find myself asking my child to spell or pronounce words now."


"In her position she has worked efficiently and enthusiastically, as well as methodically helping our son become a stronger reader.  She has taught him the skills of phonemic and phonological awareness, has helped increase his reading fluency and accuracy, and has assisted in the development of his comprehension."


"Karen is indeed a talented reading interventionist whom I recommend without reservation considering her background, qualifications, and results. "